We give you the data you need to benchmark and make effective decisions about your employees, your employees and your organization.

Performance-track 360 is a fully automated leadership development assessment tool completed online. Performance-track addresses common leadership competencies associated with effective leadership. It allows you to receive observer data from peers
and colleagues, direct reports, internal customers and superiors about your leadership style, how you are perceived, and your impact on others.

OrgTRACK gives you a snapshot of how your employees feel about their job satisfaction and your organization. OrgTrack surveys your staff and measures seven key organizational competencies that sustain employee engagement. Delivered online or in paper format, OrgTRACK provides recommendations to enhance employee engagement.

Personality Profiles and Assessments provide better insights into the behaviours and motivation of your employees. They can identify potential blind spots of new hires and provide useful information about the ongoing development of current employees.

We are qualified to administer a full range of psychometric tools, assessments and testing. We are full members of the American Psychological Association and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology adhering to the ethical standards of test administration and usage.

Since assessments should not be used randomly, or without purpose, we’ll recommend an appropriate approach, based on your specific assessment needs and our expertise.