Intelligence for a better workplace.™

The T-R Group provides research-based, experience-proven human resource solutions with a depth of expertise that is timely, current and relevant to your business, and your success.


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Simplifying HR and Risk Management complexity.


Building and enhancing capabilities.


Building engaging and healthy organizations.

The T-R Group builds and enhances capabilities that support the goals that define your success!

We help you enhance your human resource practices: getting the right people, doing the right things, in the right way, at the right time. With strategic focus, we ensure superior risk, compliance and talent mangement solutions. You’ll find us research-based, relationship-focused, and results driven.

The science of people. The practice of human resources.

We focus on the human side of business, helping leaders strategically manage their human resources with best practices to achieve organizational effectiveness and superior compliance and risk management. We’re research-based, results-driven.



Identifying capabilities and opportunities.



Providing the voice of experience.

Work Place Learning

Learning experiences that expand capabilities.

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